Useful Tips to learn your favorite Foreign Language correctly

1. Prioritise, do not read it all together, concentrate on one, at most, two things at a time. Better to read 3-4 times a week for half an hour, than 2 hours in a single day.

2. Use your senses. Combine the visual, auditory and kinesthetic type of study, say it out loud, listen to it, write it down.

3. Examine yourself with key questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

4. Use various memorisation techniques such as: mapping, acronyms, funny correlations, improvised stories and generally any combination you think best.

5. Help your brain by underlying the important elements with highlighter markers.

6. Write down what you want to remember on post-it notes and place them in a prominent place, in your books, notebooks, in your room or office so that you can see them as a constant reminder.


7. Start the repetition having determined its end (eg after an 1 hour). Your ability to learn increases as time goes on. Do not do it all in one day.

8. The best assimilation is done immediately after the repetition! Take a break and repeat after 10 minutes by summarising what you have read. Following these study techniques you will notice a vast improvement in both oral and written communication.