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We have been teaching in-person since 1972 & online since 2006 – Our School has always appreciated technology and controlled its use, something that caught us fully prepared in March 2020. The Bertamini Team is ready to face the new challenge and is taking all preventive measures during the in-person lesson in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease.

One of the most well known Specialised Multilanguage Schools in Athens.

Our strong points are:

  1. Flexible Intensive Course with possibility to make a schedule change
  2. Experiential Teaching
  3. Personalised Learning & Replenishment Courses
  4. Unique teaching methods and didactic resources.
  5. The continuous use of the Second Language during the class.
  6. The close school’s cooperation with students and parents.
  7. We ensure our student the best value for money

In the last 16 years we have expanded our School and already offer our services and online teaching in two continents and 5 countries!

Our School Director organises ongoing seminars in order to supervise and actively support our Teaching Staff.

A few words from our School Director….

In our School success is the result of collaboration, preparation and commitment in a positive learning enviroment.

“As a team principal I have always led by example, encouraging innovation and respecting, supporting, empowering both students and teaching staff.”

Our teachersNative Qualified Teachers specialised in teaching to Foreign Nationals. Our coordinators plan interesting and well-structured courses, in order to cultivate your cognitive skills and creative thinking in a comfortable and engaging classroom environment.

Our school focus on the student-centered and experiential learning process. This enables passive students to become more active and responsible for their own knowledge.

Meet our School Director.

Born into a multicultural family background with an academic base, from an early age learning English, Spanish, Italian and Greek was her everyday diet. An inherent desire to speak and switch from one language to another formed the foundation upon which her career was developed.

Understudying her father as director of his own Language School in Greece a desire to travel to explore and acquire language skills followed.

Already qualified in Ancient Greek and Latin, these qualifications were enhanced at the University of Lecce in Italy culminating in 3 degrees in Spanish, Italian and English Language and Literature (with specialization in Linguistics). The degree was achieved with Summa Cum Laude (final grade 109/110).

Following graduation she spent a year at the University of Granada in Spain which provided a further opportunity to develop a knowledge of Latin American History and Literature together with a knowledge of translation and interpretation from English to Spanish and an approach to Arabic Spanish common History and Culture (The Legacy of Al-Andalus). Additionally , she became increasingly interested in the Arabic, Russian, and Chinese language.

The specialisation in 3 Romance Languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) led to the establishment of her own Romance Language School upon returning to Greece.

2011 was a key year of expansion by introducing Eastern Languages and Greek taught by native qualified teachers.

The process of interacting and teaching in a multilingual academic and social environment has been a key motivator in her career to date. Since 2006 the School pioneers courses in quality online and blended learning language teaching and going forward is seeking to develop and produce courses to meet the demand of those discerning students requiring a premier level of educational service at reasonable fee levels.

Our Regular and Online Programmes (private, group lessons or combined) – links below:

Our Students

  • Companies & Professionals. (Business Courses)
  • Adult students and Professionals who want to work abroad.
  • University Students, Children & Teens.
  • Students who want to complete their studies or professional training by learning: Italian (Italy is one of the top economies in the world), Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic (four of the most widespread and constantly rising in demand languages in the world) or Portuguese (the language of four continents).
  • Students who wish to participate in the Erasmus or Erasmus Mundus programmes. Also students who wish to prepare themselves for any basic or postgraduate studies in: Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Egypt (Cairo), Russia (Lomonosov, Dubna, St. Petersburg, or postgraduate studies in Russia) and China (China University Law School/ Peking University).

For 49 years students and firms from all over Athens trust the The Bertamini Romance and Eastern Language School: Athens, Kontopefko, Halandri, Vrilissia, Cholargos. Melissia, Gerakas, Koropi, Glyka Nera, Pallini, Kantza. Spata Anthousa, Rafina, Nea Makri, Pikermi, Marathon, Artemis, Porto Rafti. Alsoupoli, Kifissia, Maroussi, Penteli, Psychiko, Papagou, Pefki, Filothei. Ampelokipoi, Heraklion, Nea Ionia Zografou, Kryoneri, Glyfada, Argyroupoli. Kipseli, Kalogreza, Kaisariani, Patisia, Athens Center, etc.