Preparatory Courses for Prospective University Students

Preparatory Courses – Italian Literature – Spanish Literature (online or in our School)

Since 1972 we have provided our students with the necessary qualifications for accessing Italian Studies successfully. The successes followed one after the another when in 1992 our director Cristina Bertamini, specialised in teaching Italian and Spanish Languages and Literature, vigorously introduced the Spanish language and preparatory courses in our school. Moreover, every year she has provided to the PanHellenic Federation of Language School Owners the Answer Keys related to the Spanish National Higher Entrance Examinations. Our school’s specialised Spanish and Italian Courses prepare the prospective students for the entrance examinations of the University of Athens and the Ionian University.

Preparatory Courses for Prospective Students / Italy & Spain

Our experience has shown that the main areas of stress for the candidates are the Language and Specific Terminology. Even prospective students who have some knowledge of the Italian or Spanish language, find difficulty in specific areas of the language and specialised terminology. This factor alone can make them cautious and doubtful even before or after the introductory examination. What is the solution? In the Bertamini School everything becomes accessible, understandable, and ultimatly provides the students the necessary tools and knowledge in order for them to gain access to the University and succeed in their Studies.

Preparatory Courses for Prospective Students / Erasmus and Graduate Students

The purpose of these courses at the Bertamini School, is to prepare the Erasmus students before the planned period of mobility. With us, Erasmus students study the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian or Chinese promptly, responsibly and effectively.

It should be noted the importance of our Specific Terminology Courses, especially when the Erasmus Programme is combined with scholarships provided by the highly demanding Erasmus Mundus programmes, high-quality joint masters, postgraduate or PhD.