Methodology – Bertamini

Our many years of experience and our students needs has led us to the selection and publication of a well-structured teaching materials and multimedia exercises which are free to our subscribers (available only to our students). The proper distribution of subject-matters, the holistic and comprehensive preparation, the experiential teaching approach, the exclusive use of the foreign language in the classroom, the enhance of students’ problem solving skills, the right selection of the audiovisual and interactive material, the revision exercises, the monthly oral test, offer the right skills to our students and seal their success. One of the greatest advantages of our methodology is the proper time management during the class in order for students to actively participate, speak and raise any questions at their ease in a friendly, cheerful and creative classroom environment. We believe that the student learns best when continuously practicing (Learn by doing). We use the Project-based learning method which emphasises learner-centered and cross-curricular learning activities guided by the teacher-mediator. Through the creative engagement the process provides, students acquire and successfully apply new knowledge.Our teachers create a productive and dynamic learning environment in which the student becomes part and actively participates. For us, learning a foreign language is listening, practicing, communicating, speaking, gaining fluency and finally mastering the language.