Why since 1998 our students have not once failed in foreign language certification exams?

5 Tips to succeed in the Foreign Language Certification exams

At the Bertamini Foreign Language Center, in each lesson, we love practicing our student’s speaking skills. The weekly speaking practice enable the calm, concentrated and positive thinking students to have nothing to fear during the exams, so both during the course and the exams we:


1.Listen carefully to the questions.

No matter how well-prepared you are, if you hear a question incorrectly you may take the wrong direction and end up talking about something completely different from what you were asked to.

2.Don’t rush to answer.

It is important for students to know that if they do not understand a question, they can always ask the examiner to paraphrase or repeat the question. It is better to ask for clarification than not to answer at all.

3.Try to give clear and comprehensible answers.

Try to give clear and comprehensible answers in order that your examiner / interlocutor is able to understand you. The oral examination is not about expressing your opinion with a “yes” or a “no”, but it is about showing that you can verbally express yourself correctly. This means that the students have to justify their answers, with arguments and simple examples, depending on their language level.

4.Do not hesitate to correct something when saying it or have already said before.

It is quite acceptable for students to correct themselves during the oral examination. When you correct yourself, you show that you know what is right.

5.Do not “stick to words” We can all say the same thing in numerous different ways.

There is not only one right way to say something. Do not “stick” to the specific words that for some reason slipped your mind. Stay calm above all, give priority to the sentence structure, and the flow of thought and speech. Use the words what you know and remember best, in order to say what is needed.
Last but not least, in our school we deeply appreciate our teachers who every single year they support and guide our students with unwavering passion and dedication.

For the Bertamini Team, in our School success is the result of collaboration, commitment and preparation that starts from the early beginning of the academic year.
Thank you for the appreciation and trust you give us every year. Good luck to all the students.