Events and Journey towards knowledge
Descover the culture of the language you study

 Before Christmas – A Culinary journey of exotic, elegant and spicy flavours

Let’s go for Pasta, Paella, Tacos or Feijoadas, Samba e Caipirinha, Kebab, Peking duck or Borscht. 

Before Christmas, the School has a a celebratory dinner in Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, Lebanese, Chinese or Russian restaurant, where students are given the opportunity to order their meals. 

Because during the course of a meal, communication flows as would be the case as if you were actually in the country of the language you are studying.



It´s Carnival time! We will not ask you to remove your masks or wear your best cloths. Wear your carnival costumes and come to our LATIN & Oriental Carnival Party where the most original and clever disguise is going to be rewarded. 

For the Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian Students:

  • Dance Contest in Latin and Arabic rhythms.
  • Judges: the Italian and Chinese Students choose the best dancer.

For the Italian and Chinese Students :

  • Mask contest and masquerade.
    Judges: The Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian Students.

Because learning became easier when you have fun.


End of term – Best way to celebrate the end of term 

In addition to the festival evening we have a social evening where students are encouraged to interact and converse in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese or Russian, talking about the things that they have done and their future plans.

Because knowledge is travel through time towards new horizons.