Russian Language Certification – BERTAMINI

Russian Language Certification

The Certificate examination in Russian is held by 2 official bodies:

  1. Lomonosov University, Moscow.
  2. Pushkin Center.

1. Certificates of Proficiency in Russian / Lomonosov University Moscow

It is the largest and one of the oldest universities in Russia with a long tradition of teaching Russia as a foreign language. The Russian Testing Center, operates for many years and provides certificates recognised by ALTE. Since 2006 the examinations were held in Culture Centre of the Russian Embassy in Athens. The Certificates are recognised by ASEP and other official bodies. They also have International recognition and are recommended to those who wish to study in Russia.

The exams for all levels (A1 to C2) are held in June at the The Russian Center of Science and Culture. Click HERE for further information on the exams dates and fees.

2. Language Certificates Pushkin in Athens

The Pushkin Center is the oldest Examination Center in Greece for the Russian language.

The certificates are recognised by ASEP and all the Greek official bodies, but have no International recognition. The exams are held twice a year and include all levels (A1 to C2):

  • Winter season: November and December and January.
  • Summer season: May and June and July.

Examinations take place on a Saturday starting at 10:00 am. The average predicted duration is four (4) hours.

The date of the examinations for each level is announced sixty (60) days prior to this. The venue shall be determined ten (10) days prior to the exam date.

Participants are required to submit at least twenty (20) days prior to the day of the tests at the appropriate level:

On the day of the exam, the participants must go to the test area 40 minutes before their start with their identity card and a blue-colored pen.

Interested parties and participants can be informed of the exam dates and content in this page “News of the Institute” For further information on the exams and fees, you can contact the Pushkin Institute’s secretariat by telephone on working days and hours.

In order to take part in the certification test of knowledge of Russian as a foreign language Level C2, it is necessary to obtain successive Level B2 and Level C1 certificates.

Conduct of exceptional certification examinations of Russian as a foreign language for B2, C1 and C2 levels normally at the beginning of September.

Levels & programs

A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
ELEMENTARY LEVEL BASIC LEVEL Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Элементарный уровень (ТЭУ) Базовый уровень (ТБУ) Первый Сертифика- ционный уровень (ТРКИ-1) Второй Сертифика- ционный уровень (ТРКИ-2) Третий Сертифика- ционный уровень (ТРКИ-3) Четвёртый Сертифика- ционный уровень (ТРКИ-4)



8 months course (1-2 times per week – 2 hours, 6 months or 5 months course (2 times per week – 3 hours) 4 months course (4 times per week – 2 hours)

At this level the students learn the basics of the Russian language and vocabulary, haver the ability to read simple texts, to use the basic writing skills and to disuss on everyday life. This program lasts 100-120 teaching hours. The vocabulary consists of 600-700 words.


8 months course  (1-2 times per week – 2 hours)

The student obtains the basic knowledge of the Russian language, is able to cover his/her basic communication needs and to actively participate in social and cultural events. This program lasts 120-140 teaching hours. The vocabulary consists of 1200 words.


1.5 academic year (1-2 times per week – 2 hours)

The student is able to understand the language of the mass media, as well as literature texts, political, economic and society topics and several idioms. The first level degree is requiered in order to gain access to Russian Universities. This program lasts 180-200 teaching hours. The vocabulary consists of 2300 words.


The 2nd level student feel at ease while talking about daily, social and cultural everyday life. The 2nd level degree is required in order to obtain Bachelor and Master degrees in Russian universities. This program lasts approximately 320-360 teaching hours. The vocabulary consists of 4000 words.


The 3rd level student can speak fluenty about all aspects of social and professional life. The 3rd level degree is required in order to obtain Bachelor in Russian Studies. This program lasts approximately 380-450 teaching hours. 4th LEVEL (ТРКИ4).

4th LEVEL (ТРКИ 4)

After the completion of the 4th level, the student uses the language as a native speaker. The 4th level degree is required for obtaining Master degree in Russian Studies. The holder of ТРКИ 4 degree has the right to teach the Russian language. This program lasts approximately 380-400 teaching hours.