Arabic Language Certification – BERTAMINI

Arabic Language Certification

We teach Standard and Modern Arabic.

The Arabic language is officially used in 22 Arabic countries and each country has its own laws on certification issues. If the certificate must be obtained in an Arabic country, we personally contact the Embassy of that particular Arabic country in Greece.

Standard Arabic: In Greece both the University TEI of Athens and the Egyptian Cultural Center of Athens in cooperation with the Cultural Center of the Egyptian Embassy in Athens carry out examinations. The University of Athens is carrying out Official Certification Programmes for non-Arabic-speaking people from all over Europe and Turkey. The Egyptian Cultural Center of Athens, however, does not provide an internationally recognised Certificate. Nevertheless, the Certificate is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt. 

Modern Arabic: There is no certification for the modern Arabic Language. However, the Bertamini School is happy to announce that after the completion of the modern Arabic Language Program, is able to issues an official certificate of attendance and certification of completion.

Exam Fees (Egyptian Cultural Center of Athens)

  • Α1: 120€
  • Α2: 120€
  • Β1: 130€
  • Β2: 130€
  • C1: 140€

Basic Level (A1-A2): Students should know the three basic tenses (present tense, Past Tense, and Future Tense) and use them without hesitation. Apart from this, they should be able to hold simple and everyday conversations without difficulty, to ask questions and to give answers. At this level, the students should be able to use some complex structures, to ask questions and to find answers to these questions.

Medium level (B1-B2): Students should be able to handled with extreme ease everyday conversations. At the same time, they must be able to speak and write about more difficult and complex subjects. Still, they can read newspapers, even with the help of the dictionary. They should be able to use complex structures which exist in Arabic and start using it. Candidates must be able to speak and discuss with enough comfort.

Upper level (C1-C2): Students should be able to handle the language with great ease, speak and write about difficult and complex subjects, to read without any problem, newspapers and to use all the complex arabic structures. Finally, candidates must be able to speak fluently.

The tests include the following:


• Reading Comprehension

• Listening

• Composition

Oral exam