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Consulting Career Courses (online or in our School – personalised and group lessons)

The goal is to improve and develop confidence in speaking skills and fluency. These Intensive Training Courses are addressed to students and professionals who are:

  1. aiming at a promising career
  2. determined to improve confidence and succeed in an International Business Environment.
  3. committed to applying their knowledge and communication skills.
  4. bilingual or multilingual. In these courses you will have the opportunity to use 2 languages at the same time, such as: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Greek!

What are the advantages/objectives of the Career Consulting Courses?

  1. to develop the fluency, accuracy and specific communication skills you need in order to advance confidently in your career.
  2. to improve both their language level and communication skills significantly in a short time.
  3. to establish credibility with an audience and understand their expectations in terms of persuasion, style and structure.
  4. to constructively assess and handle questions during an interview, meeting and presentation.
  5. to manage different feedback styles of cultures and languages in an International Environment.

Experienced Teachers – Developing your business prospects – Business coaching

Our network of experienced teachers act as mentors and will ensure success in reaching your full potential. 

Your mentor’s or coordinador’s role is:

  • to custom design your lessons and teach useful, interesting and motivating topics to reach your goal.
  • to encourage, guide and offer support throughout your learning.
  • to help you understand the business culture and background of your chosen career.
  • to ensure you learn as much as possible.

Build your skills:

  • Learning new skills and preparing for an interview.
  • Presenting yourself, your strengths, educational background as well as long-term and short-term goals.

In today’s world, understanding key professional issues and having the language to work with them effectively will give you a distinct advantage as you progress up the career ladder.

Evaluation and Certification

Evaluation of current and target language abilities is key to the learning process.

  • The first part of the course includes an entry test, an individual interview, and the customisation of the course content to meet the client’s precise objectives.
  • The second part of the course includes a second evaluation at mid and/or end-course with a progress report of the communication abilities of each participant.
  • Certificate of course completion.
  • Progress report: regular and insightful weekly or monthly reports to evaluate the learning, motivation and potential. During each lesson your Coordinator will record your personal learning requirements, goals and achievements as well as evaluate your progress in tests and assignments.
  • Competency Descriptor/Certification for each level.
  • Mentoring and guidance.
  • Online meetings with your Business Coordinator

Timetable – Schedule

  • Flexible, short and easy to follow programmes focused on your particular requirements and designed by your teachers to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Schedule your lessons where and when you want from 8am to 8pm.