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Business Courses – Business English

Business Courses (online or in our School) Our objectives is to develop the fluency, accuracy and specific communication skills you need, to improve both your language level and communication skills significantly in a short time, to establish credibility with an audience and understand their expectations in terms of persuasion, style and structure, to constructively assess and handle questions during an interview, meeting and presentation, to manage different feedback styles of cultures and languages in an International Environment. Your coordinator’s role is: to custom design your lessons and teach useful, interesting and motivating topics to reach your goal, to encourage, guide and offer support throughout your learning, to help you understand the business culture and background of your chosen career. The course focuses on real business situations and topics that professionals and managers encounter in their professional life. This is vital when they need to communicate clearly and powerfully –during a speech, a meeting or a presentation. Also: Academic English. This course will help you settle and integrate more quickly in life at the University