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Business Courses – Business English

Business Courses (online or in our School) Our objectives is to develop the fluency, accuracy and specific communication skills you need, to improve both your language level and communication skills significantly in a short time, to establish credibility with an audience and understand their expectations in terms of persuasion, style and structure, to constructively assess and handle questions during an interview, meeting and presentation, to manage different feedback styles of cultures and languages in an International Environment. Your coordinator’s role is: to custom design your lessons and teach useful, interesting and motivating topics to reach your goal, to encourage, guide and offer support throughout your learning, to help you understand the business culture and background of your chosen career. The course focuses on real business situations and topics that professionals and managers encounter in their professional life. This is vital when they need to communicate clearly and powerfully –during a speech, a meeting or a presentation. Also: Academic English. This course will help you settle and integrate more quickly in life at the University


Coaching consulting Bertamini team

Consulting Career Courses (online or in our School – personalised and group lessons). The goal is to improve and develop confidence in speaking skills and fluency. These Intensive Training Courses are addressed to students and professionals who are: aiming at a promising career
determined to improve confidence and succeed in an International Business Environment, committed to applying their knowledge and communication skills, bilingual or multilingual. In these courses you will have the opportunity to use 2 languages at the same time, such as: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Greek! Your mentor’s or coordinador’s role is to custom design your lessons and teach useful, interesting and motivating topics to reach your goal, to encourage, guide and offer support throughout your learning, to help you understand the business culture and background of your chosen career, to ensure you learn as much as possible.


Our Teaching Methods

Experiental Teaching & Multimedia. Instructional goals and practices. Personalised lessons and Small groups (in our School, online or a combination of both -blended learning): fast learning whilst building a solid base. 1st year: proper distribution of subject-matters, holistic and comprehensive preparation. From the very first year the course extends learning at an advanced level, with[…]


Methodology – Bertamini

Our many years of experience and our students needs has led us to the selection and publication of a well-structured teaching materials and multimedia exercises which are free to our subscribers (available only to our students). The proper distribution of subject-matters, the holistic and comprehensive preparation, the experiential teaching approach, the exclusive use of the foreign language in the classroom, the enhance of students’ problem solving skills, the right selection of the audiovisual and interactive material, the revision exercises, the monthly oral test, offer the right skills to our students and seal their success. One of the greatest advantages of our methodology is the proper time management during the class in order for students to actively participate, speak and raise any questions at their ease in a friendly, cheerful and creative classroom environment. We believe that the student learns best when continuously practicing (Learn by doing). We use the Project-based learning method which emphasises learner-centered and cross-curricular learning activities guided by the teacher-mediator. Through the creative engagement the process provides, students acquire and successfully apply new knowledge.Our teachers create a productive and dynamic learning environment in which the student becomes part and actively participates. For us, learning a foreign language is listening, practicing, communicating, speaking, gaining fluency and finally mastering the language.

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Online Courses, in-person & Blended Learning

Online and Blended Courses. We provide high quality language instruction to our students. Nowadays, we operate in 5 counties on 2 continents. By utilizing advancements in technology, we have the opportunity to reach more potential students who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend our institute. We select only the best teachers to work with us, and support them as they show you a fantastic learning experience and guide you towards fluency. At the heart of everything we do is our friendly and professional academic team, there to help you reach your full potential. Our goal is to make sure you learn as much as possible, to personally guide, support and motivate you to do your best, every step of the way. By attending to these courses, we will assist you in preparing for and earning Recognised Language Certificates by using the best teaching material, resources and simulation tests.