Opportunity Catch up!

Catch up with your studies! (online or in our School)

Our 49 years of experience in teaching foreign languages has led us to recognise that there is no space for failure in the learning objectives of each student.

Students of the Bertamini Multilingual School soon realise from the very first year of their learning process that obtaining valid certification is not something difficult or impossible to achieve. Our annual statistics are a proof of the success of our students, even for those that initially were not sure about participating in the First Certificate Exams. We find these statistics gratifying.

In addition, our students feel free to operate, are recognised for their abilities and a part of our School team. We take our students success seriously and we actively support them. Our caring and professional approach are two of the key elements that characterise our School.

Therefore, for students who genuinely miss a lecture for a valid reason we always try to accommodate additional tuition and to give students the chance to “catch up” with their studies, in order for them not to feel disadvantaged.