Learn Greek now!

  • Foreign Language Courses for citizens of other countries (online or in our School)
  • Greek to Foreign Nationals (online or in our School)

The Multilingual Bertamini School goes beyond its main educational activity, that is to say: teaching Romance and Oriental Languages to Greek nationals. It also offers language courses (private or group lessons) to citizens of other countries who live and work in Greece. Specifically, it provides courses in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese language to:

  • Foreign children & students.
  • Entrepreneurs and employees.
  • Multinational companies and international organisations.
  • Embassy officials, diplomats and military personnel.
  • Foreign correspondents and journalists, employees of news agencies.
  • Foreign professors of foreign Universities in Greece, who live temporarily or permanently in Greece.

Finally, our School offers Greek language courses to English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, or Arabic Speakers (private or group lessons).